Disney designer about Criticism Snow White Attraction: ‘Fantastically done! ‘

Disney designer Jim Shull, who has been designing attractions in Disney parks since 1988, has responded to the commotion that arose last week about the new Snow White attraction in Disneyland Anaheim.

A local newspaper from San Francisco recently published a story about the new performance of Snow Whites Enchanted Wish, a darkride attraction that takes visitors in a cart through the story of the Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

At the end you can see how the prince kisses Snow White to life, which encountered resistance from the journalist who wrote the piece. According to her, in 2021 it could not be possible for children to be taught in such a way that it would be okay to kiss others if they did not give permission to do so themselves.

On Twitter, Shull defends his colleagues who participated in the attraction. Over the years, cultural differences may occur, but we must recognise that the attraction is accurate in terms of the story on which the film is based. People may not like the story, but the design team did a great job!