‘Disney has a lot of drama to catch with that Feyenoord docu. ‘

Feyenoord has been undefeated in the Eredivisie for a year, but that is no reason for the supporters to party. The team played on Sunday against RKC Waalwijk (2-2) for the third time in a week and therefore there is grumpy in Rotterdam Zuid. The reactions to social media don‘t lie about it.

I really like this #rkcfey
โ€” Jan Dirk Stouten (@JanDirkStouten) October 25, 2020

You still wonder more and more what Feyenoord does at the training. Hardly anyone can give a normal pass. Not to look at. #rkcfey
โ€” Tim Dik (@timdik) October 25, 2020

I see the Feyenoord again from when Jaap Stam was a trainer… #rkcfey
โ€” Joop Broekman (@joopb68lfc) October 25, 2020

Pierre van Hooijdonk on 16 October. ‘Feyenoord is beyond Ajax#rkcfey #vvvaja pic.twitter.com/20URNUCV0L
โ€” Jordi Beeksma (@jordibeeksma) October 25, 2020

Play three times in one week. Of which 4 points lost against two NL’se degradation candidates. Worry me now for Sunday out in #Emmen #rkcfey #feyenoord #lopennaarhuis
โ€” Jeroen (@jeroenjdewit) October 25, 2020

You give Berghuis a few days with Frank de Boer and Orange… and when he returns, he can‘t do anything!#rkcfey
โ€” Michiel (@michielvan_b) October 25, 2020

Mountain house is very mild. That cooks inside, there’s hardly anything else to do. #rkcFEY
โ€” Ricardo van den Akker (@rakker92) October 25, 2020

Every year you think โ€œnow it gets betterโ€ and every time you get deeply disappointed. It can always get worse #feyenoord #rkcfey
โ€” Erwin Drenth (@erwin_drenth) October 25, 2020

Such a second half of #RKC painfully reveals why #Feyenoord is not a candidate for title. #rkcfey
โ€” Jan-Cees Butter (@jcbutter) October 25, 2020

#rkcfey 2-2. True, @Feyenoord 2x came back after a backlog, but it was disappointing in the end. 2 Points too little and therefore not good enough. Pretty from @RKCWAALWIJK, though.
โ€” Peter Houtman (@PHoutman) October 25, 2020

Disney has a lot of drama with that documentary about Feyenoord. #rkcfey
โ€” Maarten Hopman (@maartenhopman94) October 25, 2020