Disney is not yet giving comment on Disney+ launch in Russia

Those who are waiting for the official launch of Disney+ in Russia will have to wait even more – in the near future the studio has no similar plans. Update: Disney representatives said the information is โ€œincorrect,โ€ and the firm itself is not yet making comments about the release of the service in Russia. The publication โ€œFilm Rental Bulletinโ€ also removed the original note.

Elena Brodskaya, vice president of marketing for Disney in Russia, told about this as part of a recent online session. According to her, one of the possible reasons for this decision could be the complexities of local legislation and the popularity of piracy on the Internet.

At the same time, in the markets where the service still appears, they begin to develop exclusive content for him. But, according to Brodskaya, Disneys decision can still be considered in a positive way – those projects that in the States go online, in Russia will be released on big screens.

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