Disney shuts down studio responsible for creating ‘Ice Age’

Disney is shutting down the animation division of Blue Sky Studio, responsible for the โ€œIce Ageโ€ franchise and other projects. The studio was owned by 20th Century Fox, which Disney previously bought. In total, the authors of โ€œGlacialโ€ brought about 5.

6 billion dollars. The reason for the closure was Disney‘s economic problems in connection with the coronavirus pandemic – in these circumstances, the firm it’s not profitable to have a third animation division.

Blue Sky Studio‘s last business day will be in April. The decision is expected to affect 450 employees.

One of the future projects called โ€œNimonaโ€ will no longer come out, and the studio’s freshest release was the cartoon โ€œCamouflage and Espionageโ€. At the same time, Blue Sky projects will remain owned by Disney, and an animated series based on โ€œIce Ageโ€ is already being prepared for Disney+.

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