Dissatisfaction in CDA over staying Bijleveld, party summit appears to be in crisis consultations

Within the CDA there is unrest and bewilderment about the stay of demissionary Minister Bijleveld van Defence. That comes up in conversations with party members from different layers of the party. In the Parliamentary Group, Bijleveld‘s political future is also the subject of discussion.

Party leader and finance minister Hoekstra left the Council of Ministers for consultations at the Department of Defense. Party leader Van Rij has also been seen at the Department of Bijleveld. Minister Grapperhaus and Bijleveld himself did not arrive at the Council of Ministers this morning.

It is believed that crisis consultations are currently in place at the Party’s Summit.

Motion of Censure

Yesterday the Chamber supported a motion of censure against Bijleveld for the evacuation operation in Afghanistan. Even before the motions had been voted on, Bijleveld said she would stay on anyway.

She said in a statement: โ€œThe cabinet, including myself, indicated yesterday that things did not go well. My priority is still in bringing interpreters that are still in Afghanistan to safety.โ€

D66 leader Kaag also received a motion of censure from the Chamber as Prime Minister. She stepped up as Foreign Minister immediately after the vote.