Disturbances deaths following peasant protests in India

In northern India, there have been six deaths in violence following peasant protests. The disturbances erupted in the state of Uttar Pradesh, after two demonstrating farmers were killed there.

Indian media write that a vehicle drove into a mass of demonstrating farmers. The car is said to have been part of a convoy by a BJP government party politician. Party officials say it was an accident.

The driver would have lost control of the steering wheel as protesters threw stones at the car. The two farmers were hit and died instantly. The agrarians had come together to demonstrate against major agricultural reforms.

After the fatal accident, disturbances broke out. Three BJP members were said to have been killed, just like the driver of the car and two more farmers. The local authorities have launched an investigation into the violence, which, incidentally, led to more protests elsewhere in the state.

Agricultural Reforms

In India, farmers have been demonstrating against contentious agricultural reforms for almost a year. They want Prime Minister Modi‘s government to repeal the new agricultural act.

The Act relates to free market operation. So far, the government has roughly set prices of rice and vegetables, but the government wants farmers to make deals with customers themselves and agree on a joint price. The farmers fear they won’t get a fair price anymore.