Divided America running against vaccination clock

US President Biden announces later today that federal government personnel must be vaccinated or otherwise compulsorily tested regularly. A far reaching and controversial US intention to fight the delta variant.

America is on a race against time to vaccinate as many people as possible this summer.

According to the latest predictions of the so-called Covid-19 Scenario Modeling Hub, a group of scientists trying to estimate the course of the pandemic, will triple the number of new coronadodes in autumn. Thats why the government is now trying to do everything possible to get people to take a shot.

Most pessimistic scenario

โ€œWhat were seeing happening across the country now corresponds to our most pessimistic scenarios,โ€ epidemiologist Justin Lester said to the public radio station NPR earlier this week.

In recent weeks, the number of infections across the US has risen by 70 percent. In particular, the southern states are vulnerable, because there is lower vaccination readiness.

This is the case in Florida, for example. There the hospitals are flowing again and one in five new infections occurs in the US. Last week alone, there were 73,000 new infections and 300 people died.

The Miami Dade district has therefore urgently set up emergency vaccination locations. There are mobile clinics at schools to vaccinate whole families with children aged 12 and over.

โ€œWe waited for our son to be 12 to do it all at once,โ€ Ramirez says at one of Miamis many drive-through locations. โ€œIt was his birthday last week. We call it a vaccination celebration.

Others still have doubts. โ€œI feel like its being forced on me,โ€ says a woman in a camouflage shirt through the window of her pickup. She needs to stay her 15 minutes waiting time in the car in the parking lot. โ€œPressure is increasing. Also on my daughter before she goes back to school. Its not compulsory yet, but she may not participate in many activities without a face mask and thats annoying.โ€

The president of the Miami Dade district also hears those critical sounds: โ€œSome people think the vaccines make them sicker than covid-19, women think it can make them barren. I try to convince them that the vaccine does more good than harm and I speak from my own experience.โ€

Correspondent Marieke de Vries spoke to this Jose Diaz, listening to what other vaccine doubters had to say:

The US RIVM, the CDC, sharpened the regulations for wearing face masks this week. Everyone, including people who are fully vaccinated, are advised within another face mask in areas with high contamination. Government staff and schools are also advised to wear inside the masks.

Bidens announcement later today to have national government personnel vaccinated or regularly tested follows the Ministry of Veterans Affairs decision earlier this week to oblige all their medical personnel to get vaccinated or otherwise weekly. have tested.


The governor of the state of California announced a similar measure for all healthcare personnel in this most populous US state. In the meantime, private companies are taking measures and oblige staff and sometimes customers to get vaccinated. Forerunners are the tech companies Facebook and Google, who determined that staff who want to come back to work should be vaccinated.

Resistance to these measures is increasing. It ranges from fear of the vaccines, because people fear that they have not been fully tested and because food and medicine authority FDA has not fully approved them yet, to conspiracy theories.