Divine strategy Liquidation brought out on Kickstarter

Grindstone Publishing House and Studio Divio began a Kickstarter campaign of real-time strategy Liquidation, which German studio Kiwi Brothers was beginning to work on. To successfully complete the campaign and work on the game, creators require about 30 thousand dollars. To enable players to assess what they are preparing, developers released a demo version of Liquidation in the form of game testing.

To access it, you need to request it on the games Steam page. In the demo version, one of the missions of the story campaign is available.

During the first hours of crowdfunding, the game has already managed to collect about 20% of the required amount. In case things continue to continue successfully, the developers have prepared additional goals: a new faction, units and buildings for existing ones, a system of mercenaries and a map editor.

fantastic real-time strategy Liquidation there are 29 more days on Kickstarter. And they plan to release the game on Steam in the fall of 2022.

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