Dj Rob Stenders with programme and sidekick from Radio 2 to Veronica

Dj Rob Stenders makes the switch from NPO Radio 2 to Radio Veronica. Together with his regular sidekick Caroline Brouwer, he will present his programme Platenbonanza every day from this summer. He has also been appointed as new station manager, has announced Talpa Radio.

โ€œ Leaving NPO Radio 2 is not easy,โ€ says Stenders. โ€œBut getting the keys to make Radio Veronica a musical sanctity for fans, you only get a chance like this once.โ€

Stenders worked for Veronica between 1987 and 1995. There he made programmes such as Stenders & Van Inkel, DRob or DRonder and Shockradio.

โ€œ Just like Radio Veronica I was born on April 18, I sent my first demo to Veronica, its the channel of Stenders & Van Inkel and about half of my radio existence. The fact that I now have the opportunity to determine the direction of this station as a station manager and have gained the confidence and freedom to turn it into the transmitter I believe in, makes the circle round.โ€

Switch already planned

Last year there were rumors about a switch from Stenders to Veronica. Stenders also announced on the radio that he was talking. Talpa boss John de Mol withdrew the offer for the program afterwards, told former radio director at Talpa Dave Minneboo in Het Parool. โ€œJohn was very angry: โ€œI didnt talk to him. Why does he have to mention my name? Tell him its no deal!โ€ Six months of conversations and planning was gone in one fell swoop, while Stenders had formed an ideal combination on Veronica with Giel Beelen,โ€ Minnebo said in August.

In recent years, Stenders has presented the NPO Radio 2 programme Stenders Platenbonanza, a popular afternoon program of Radio 2. On 28 June the DJ will be on Veronica for the first time, but he will start his work as a channel manager earlier.