Do me glue instead of Chanel

Chef VRIJ Babette Wieringa sheds light on the world of lifestyle every week. This week she talks about her repair skills.

The sale of nail polish seems to be on the rise. The effect of corona. Or, as it‘s called, the lipstick effect; where we buy a relatively cheap product in times of economic decline that gives us the feeling of luxury.

I recently made a similar purchase. Not so much because of the recession, but because I enjoy ‘micro-sustainability‘. Just as Queen Mรกxima had the beautiful yellow dress from two years ago taken through a dye bath and wore it again on Prinsjesdag, I can also enjoy giving something a second life. And so I bought a glue set. Not just a tube of glue, but the New Kintsugi repair kit. In other words, a repair kit with which you glue broken pieces of crockery together with golden glue.

Kintsugi is an old Japanese repair technique for sticking broken tableware, or in my case a candlestick, together in such a way that you can clearly see the repair marks. Imperfection as a statement, that’s what makes it fun. And, of course, it fits in perfectly with the times when throwing things away is actually no longer possible.

In fashion, we have been recycling a lot for a long time, even putting socks back on the street. And take, for example, Packing King Oger who donated a leftover lot of costumes to help the long-term unemployed with their job applications. Or those trendy APL trainers, made from plastic bottles, old trainers, car tyres and leftover material from the apple juice industry! Isn‘t that great? A lot of great things happen that way. A befriended photographer will be exhibiting his waste project next week: beautiful still lifes he made from waste he found while walking the dog. And then that smart entrepreneur who uses the 1.5 million we throw away every year in the production of his mattresses, or the leftover dinners made with food that would otherwise disappear into the wastebasket.

Apparently, this time makes us think even more and above all gets us moving. So that a few shards of shrapnel glued together at least bring me more happiness than the new colours of Chanel’s nail polish.

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