Do you need leave for a deceased pet?

For many people, a pet is their best friend. The bond between man and animal can be great, but the mourning process for a deceased pet is sometimes underestimated. What do you think: should your employer release you when your pet dies?

Miley Cyrus is in deep mourning now that she had to put her beloved dog Mary Jane to sleep. โ€œShe was much more than just a friend or relative, she was my everything. Our love and connection was simply magical, ‘let Miley know via Instagram.

Intense grief

And Miley is not the only one who experiences intense grief after her pet’s death.

If a family member dies, you as an employee are entitled to leave, mainly to arrange and attend the funeral. For pets, such a scheme does not apply, while for some pet owners it can be very violent.

Talk to me.

What do you think about this? Do you think the death of a pet can have as much impact as the death of a neighbor? And would you consider it fair if an employee were to be given leave for this? Talk to us on our Facebook page!