Do you want to go on holiday this summer? Now these are the possibilities

There is light at the end of the tunnel for people who want to go on holiday this summer. On 15 May, the current negative travel advice for the whole world will be eased and it will be examined by country to see whether it can be classified as safe, the demissionary cabinet announced yesterday.


fact that many people like to go on holiday has become clear in recent times. Travel agencies have seen more people looking for holidays online in recent weeks, says travel industry organisation ANVR. The travel agencies also became busier, reports travel company TUI.

And after yesterdays press conference, it became even busier according to the travel agencies. โ€œThen the search really turned into books,โ€ says the ANVR. But what is possible?

If I want to go on vacation from this weekend…

Then theres not much possible. Few countries will be eligible for green or yellow travel advice from 15 May (travel is possible, but be vigilant). Last week, travel restrictions for parts of Europe were already somewhat relaxed and there is a chance that the negative travel advice for those countries will be the first to expire.

These are travellers returning to the Netherlands from Finland, the Portuguese mainland and a number of Spanish and Greek islands. They no longer need to be quarantined and no longer have to be tested when they return.

Of course, it is possible that the country itself chooses travel restrictions for Dutch travellers.

And in the summer?

The Cabinet hopes that, in the run-up to the summer, more and more countries can be classified as safe. The arrival of a so-called coronapas gate for the European Union, which allows you to travel freely if you have been vaccinated, have a negative test result or have built up immunity because you have recently been infected, also offers hope. But the question is whether the app, which is still being developed, works on time.

Therefore, first explain what to do without this passport.

What do I have to do to get on holiday?

Check the travel advice and download the travel app from Foreign Affairs, says the ANVR. โ€œNormally you might have looked at that travel advice once, now you have to keep checking it.โ€

In addition, you need to find out what conditions the country imposes on travelers. Perhaps Dutch tourists are not welcome at all because of high levels of infection. If you are travelling by car on your own, check the travel recommendations and conditions for the countries you are travelling through.

According to the ANVR, it is best to book a package trip with a travel company. โ€œAt least you know that the travel company is monitoring whether you can travel. If the trip cannot continue and has to be cancelled, you will receive a refund of the fare paid.โ€ Even if you book a trip now, while the country is still orange, you will get your money back in case of cancellation by the travel company.

If you book something on your own, you have to deal with separate conditions and you may not get a refund. In some organizations, this is different. For example, some hotel booking websites offer free cancellation up to a certain date. In addition, airlines offer financial compensation in the event of a cancellation, but there is little chance that a flight will be cancelled due to a negative travel advice.

Then the papers…

Once you have booked, you need to see what papers you need. Think of a (digital) health statement or a negative PCR test result. This varies by country. A PCR test result must not be more than 48 or 72 hours upon arrival. Often you can make a test appointment via a travel company.

If not, you will have to find a commercial test street for testing with an international travel certificate. Testing for a trip is not allowed at the GGD. โ€œThese are only for complaints and source and contact investigations,โ€ says the Ministry of Health.

The test is paid yourself and costs around 130 euros. It is expected that the average price will fall, said De Jonge yesterday. In addition, the ANVR will cooperate with a commercial testing agency, so that travel companies can offer tests cheaper.

And what do the rules of other countries look like this summer?

Thats what we wrote this story about earlier.