Doctor Navalny: ‘Glad he’s in hospital, but it’s far from enough’

Aleksey Ehrlich, one of the doctors of the Russian dissident Aleksey Navalny, is pleased that his client is now in hospital. Thats a little better, of course. But its far from what he and his doctors want.

Navalny is given vitamins in the hospital for his health. But hes still on his hunger strike. Doctor Ehrlich: His hunger strike has one goal. Getting his doctors to his bed. It is not a political hunger strike to overthrow the government in the Kremlin. He wants his doctors with him for a proper examination, for the right treatment.

Colleagues of Navalny are furious about the treatment and call on Russians to go on the streets on Wednesday, despite warnings from the Kremlin not to do so. According to one of them, Navalny is killed in a horrible way under our eyes.

Brussels impotent?

Brussels is deeply concerned about Navalnys situation, says reporter Sander van Hoorn. It holds Russia responsible for what is happening to Navalny and believes it should ensure that the opposition leader can see his own doctors, or doctors he trusts.

According to Van Hoorn, Minister Blok says that there are options at hand, but that they cannot yet say when they are going to use those options. In any case, Brussels seems to give Russia the opportunity to de-escalate not only in Navalny but also in the situation in Ukraine. If you want them to de-escalate, dont escalate on another file.

Diplomatic expert and former Prime Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt calls the tense relationship between Europe and Russia worse than what we have seen since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

It is obvious that Russian military intelligence is active on European territory. They do things that also for people who have been observing Russia for a long time, surprising in terms of what they dare to do. According to Bildt, it is only possible that European policy will be adapted accordingly.