Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality gets mixed reviews

Studio Maze Theory, backed by the BBC, has released a new adventure set in the iconic โ€œDoctor Whoโ€ universe. In Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality, two Doctors await us at once โ€” played by Jodie Whittaker and David Tennant โ€” canonical adversaries, including Daleks and weeping angels, and a host of Worlds. However, players met the release with mixed feelings.

On Steam, only a little more than half of the customers recommended the game to others, and many said they had handed it back to the store. bug that makes the game impenetrable, and boring gameplay that didnt make any difference when porting from VR devices.

In the end, the game consists mainly of unhurried travel between puzzles. You can buy Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality on Steam for 465 rubles.

At the Sony store, it costs $1,789, and Xbox owners will have to pay $25 for it. More on Gamemania The Day Before Announces Propnight Lesson Learned Co-op Horror Makes Inspired by โ€œThe Incredible Adventures of Bill & Tedโ€ Yakut Survivor The Day Before is released in the summer of 2022.