Doctor who treated poisoned Navalny missing after hunting

The doctor who treated Russian opposition leader Aleksey Navalny after his poisoning is missing. Aleksandr Murakhovksky did not return from a hunting party on Friday, according to Reuters news agency based on police sources. A search has begun.

A few months ago, Murakhovsky led the hospital in Omsk where Navalny was brought in when he became unwell on a flight from Tomsk to Moscow at the end of August. The hospital stated that Navalny had not been poisoned and that no traces of the nerve gas novitsjok were found. He noted problems with metabolism. The chief doctor also delayed the transfer of Navalny to a hospital in Berlin.

After lengthy negotiations, Navalny was nevertheless transferred to Germany and treated in a hospital in Berlin. According to tests there, he was definitely poisoned. The Kremlin has repeatedly said not to be behind Navalny‘s poisoning. In November, the doctor was promoted to health minister of the Siberia region. But he was probably aware of the poisoning.

Earlier this year, two specialists who worked with Navalny at the hospital in Western Siberian Omsk last August.

According to police, Murakhovsky left a hunting lodge in the woods around Omsk with his off-road vehicle. No one has heard from him since. There’s a search with drones, helicopters and people on the ground.

According to Western sources, the Russian secret service FSB was behind the poisoning of the now detained Navalny.

The other two doctors who treated Navalny died in February and March. One specialist suffered a heart attack at the age of 55, the 63-year-old colleague died of a stroke.