Doctors Sans Frontières saves 410 migrants at sea but no port allows them to

The International Aid Organization Doctors Sans Frontières (MSF) has been looking for a port in the Mediterranean since yesterday to bring more than 400 rescued migrants ashore.

The organization says seven rescue operations have been carried out in the central Mediterranean in the last two days. In addition, a total of 410 migrants were picked up from rickety or defective boats. Among them are women, children and unaccompanied minors.

All migrants are now on board the MSF ship Geo Barents, which sails in the area under Norwegian flag. On Twitter, the organization calls for people to disembark somewhere. They have a nerve-wracking journey behind them and are exhausted. Let them reach a safe place now.

The organization claims to have talked to several ports about getting the migrants off board. After 24 hours of bureaucratic ping pong is still not a solution for these people, says Zg on Twitter. Treat migrants like dignified people, not pawns.

Several rescue organisations operate in the central Mediterranean, mostly off the coast of Libya. From there, migrants often take the dangerous crossing to Europe in small and overcrowded boats. According to UN figures, more than 670 migrants have already died this year in an attempt to reach the other side.

Coast Guards of Tunisia and Libya have carried out multiple rescue operations in recent days, writes news agency DPA. Aid organizations fear the fate of migrants brought to Libya because they often face violence there.