Doctors worried about running on anti-parasitic drug seen as corona surgeant

Health experts in the United States are concerned about people taking the anti-parasitic ivermectin drug because they see it as a panacea against the coronavirus. An Oklahoma doctor says hospitals have their hands full of patients who overdosed the drug.

Ivermectin is used to treat livestock, but can also be prescribed to humans. There was a rush on the waist in the United States during the pandemic, despite warnings from authorities that it has not yet been shown to be appropriate to treat a corona infection.


Oklahoma Doctor Jason McElyea warned in US media that waiting times in hospitals are increasing due to the influx of people who fall ill after treating themselves with ivermectin. He argued that patients suffer from nausea, muscle pain, and even loss of vision after an overdose.

Another doctor from that state, Matthew Payne, recently told The Washington Post that he regularly affects patients in hospitals who do not trust corona vaccines and see ivermectin as a safer alternative. โ€œThey are then surprised and shocked when they get sick and have to come to the hospital.โ€


Drug Watchdog FDA already stressed late last month that it can be dangerous to take large amounts of Ivermectin on their own. โ€œYoure not a horse. Youre not a cow. Without craziness: stop it,โ€ the regulator wrote in a Twitter post.

Americans acquire ivermectin via the internet and speciality stores for livestock farmers, among others. There are also doctors who prescribe the medicine. Medical industry organizations AMA, APha and ASHP called for ivermectin to stop providing ivermectin to corona patients, except for research purposes.

The drug has been touted by well-known figures in the media. Podcast host Joe Rogan, who has millions of followers, revealed he had taken ivermectin after contracting the coronavirus. Plot thinker Alex Jones took a few pills during a live broadcast.

There has

also been a debate in Europe about the use of ivermectin against corona. โ€œHere too, there are some รผberwappies that promote ivermectin (a veterinary medicine against intestinal worms and scabies) against Covid-19,โ€ writes the well-known Belgian virologist Marc Van Ranst on Twitter. โ€œThats completely irresponsible health hazardous nonsense. If you are not a horse or cow, do not use this medicine.โ€