Documentary case-Nicky Verstappen may be broadcast

An RTL documentary about the Nicky Verstappen case may be broadcast tonight. Thats what the court decided in interim proceedings.

The documentary gives a glimpse into the police search and starts at the point of setting up a DNA test. Jos B., who was convicted in the case last week, filed an interim action for not wanting the documentary to be on TV tonight.

Jos B. is portrayed as a perpetrator in the documentary, finds his lawyer Gerald Roethof. He points out that his client has appealed. In a broadcast of talk show Beau about the documentary, the lawyer says โ€œperpetratorโ€ three times when it comes to Jos B. and that, according to him, affects his privacy.

RTL says that the docu talks about the matter in general terms. Also, Jos B. is only shown with a bar and always called โ€œsuspectโ€. There is also no new image of him in the documentary and no research files have been seen.

If that is indeed the case, the documentary may be broadcast, the judge judges. The presumption of innocence must remain in the docu. That means that a suspect remains a suspect as long as hes not convicted. Since B. appealed, hes still a suspect. โ€œTonight is part 1 of the documentary,โ€ says reporter Jeroen de Jager. โ€œIt will then prove whether RTL has met those conditions, otherwise there could be a new interim action.โ€

Program maker Ewout Genemans made the two-part documentary for RTL. He followed the police investigation up close. He wasnt at B.s interrogation, but he was allowed to ask the detective afterwards how it went. To the AD he says, โ€œIt was also about how policemen personally experienced that.โ€