Documentary on Youp vant Hek on Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve there is a documentary on Youp vant Hek on NPO 1. In Youp colleagues in the run-up to his very last New Years conference tell about the influence of the cabaret on themselves and on the Dutch cabaret, BNNVARA announced on Monday.

Among others Jochem Myjer, Paul van Vliet, Peter Pannekoek, Claudia de Breij, Herman Finkers and Brigitte Kaandorp tell about their colleague in the documentary. Excerpts from performances by Youp also pass by. The documentary was made by Hetty Nietsch.

On New Years Eve the tenth and last conference of Youp will be on display. It is not yet known where it is recorded. Youp said earlier that he thought the show would not come into its own with a TV registration with too little audience. The comedian wanted theatre Carrรฉ, where the registration was planned, to receive more visitors exceptionally, but that request was rejected.