Dog almost month on adventure: ‘She walked at least 50 kilometers. ‘


four weeks, dog Gloria was wandering, to the grief of owner Roos from Oss in Brabant. When her door was on 17 October, the pet managed to escape. โ€œWe think she has walked at least 50 kilometers. She is now very tired and severely skinned.โ€

That tells boss Roos to Omroep Brabant. The animal was caught on Saturday afternoon in Waalwijk, 40 kilometers west of Oss.

The four-year-old dog Gloria came from Cyprus, where she had wandered around for months. Via Marktplaats, the son of Roos, by profession veterinarian, found an advertisement. When the dog arrived in Brabant, she quickly ran away. โ€œIn Cyprus, she often went to the same feeding place,โ€ says Roos. That same situation was therefore tried to recreate. โ€œWe made a feeding place where a catch cage with food is put. She walked in there today.โ€


Per animal ambulance Gloria was finally brought home. According to Roos, the animal needs time to relax. โ€œShe smells everything now and has to find her place.โ€