Dog Strategy The Last Friend is released on 30 September

Salvadoran studio The Stonebot and publishing house Skystone Games announced a release date for their arcade post-apocalyptic strategy The Last Friend. The game is released on Nintendo Switch and PC on September 30. The RS-version will be sold on Steam and Epic Games.

The pre-order reception has already been launched on the official website. There are three options to choose from: My Buddies Standard Edition, an improved Frens Furever and a special True Frens, the cuotoroe allows buyers to immortalize their favorite PSA.

In The Last Friend, we to go on a dangerous and very noble mission: in a world that is dying, after the fall of civilization, heroes need to find and rescue any surviving dogs. And they will, in turn, support us at Boyacs.

A free demo of The Last Friend: First Bite will help you get to know the game. The prologue will soon be released on Steam, Epic Games Store and on Nintendo Switch.

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