Dogs Lady Gaga stolen, reward of half million announced

In Los Angeles, two of Lady Gagas three dogs were stolen. An employee of an exhaust service let the French bulldogs Miss Asia, Koji and Gustav out near Sunset Boulevard, when a robber with a semi-automatic weapon stepped out of a car.

He opened fire on the man who walked the dogs and ran off with two of the three bulldogs. Miss Asia was the only one who escaped. The employee of the exhaust service was taken to a hospital, he is not in mortal danger.

Whether the unsub knew that it was the dogs of the famous singer and actress is not clear.

Lady Gaga, who is in Rome for filming, has offered a reward of half a million dollars for the one who brings her dogs back. Anyone who has information can send an email to No questions will be asked, as says a source from the Lady Gaga area.