Dogs on La Palma enclosed by lava, drones rescue attempt

The Canary island of La Palma is trying to save four dogs. They were enclosed by one of the lava flows from the active volcano a week ago.

Helicopters cannot reach the animals because the volcanic ash and stones pose a danger to the aircraft and their crew. The animals have been fed with water and food with drones for five days.

A few days ago, this video was distributed of the dogs:

According to the Spanish newspaper El Periรณdico, a plan is ready to transfer the animals to safe areas with a cargo drone.


The Cumbre Vieja eruption was again accompanied by an earthquake today. This second quake in two days, with a force of 4.5, triggered a โ€œtrue lava tsunamiโ€, authorities say.

The volcanic eruption has been going on for almost a month now. 7000 people have had to leave their homes. 1500 homes and other buildings have been destroyed.