Dolly Dots are going to perform again

The Dolly Dots comeback tour will start in September. The quintet will host dozens of theatre concerts across the country from September 28 to February 13, producer SENF announced Tuesday.

The singers announced a reunion tour in January 2020. But it had to be cancelled because of the corona pandemic. Now Angela Groothuizen, Patty Zomer, Esther Oosterbeek, Anita Heilker and Angรฉla Kramers are still entering the theatres. They met again in 2016 for a guest appearance at the Toppers.

The tour was pretty much sold out when the corona crisis broke out. The cards purchased at that time are valid for the new data communicated through theatres. There are still maps available in Den Bosch, Apeldoorn and the new Amare theatre in The Hague.