Dominating Twente loses at PEC and sees playoffspot slip out of hands

FC Twente suffered an expensive defeat when visiting PEC Zwolle. In Zwolle it became 1-0 for the home team, so Twente currently falls outside the positions that give entitlement to playoffs for European football. PEC seems to have played almost safely because of the victory.
Twente saw competitor and eternal rival Heracles win convincingly against Willem II (4-0) earlier in the evening. As a result, the formation of Ron Jans knew that PEC had to win back the eighth position, which entitles the playoffs. Twente dominated the game against PEC, but managed to reach very few really big odds.
In the 35th minute Twente even caught up with PEC. Virgil Misidjan worked inside the ball, after Twente-keeper Joรซl Drommel did not properly process a shot by Immanuel Pherai. At rest, the 1-0 stand was still on the scoreboard.
In the first phase of the second half the game image remained the same: Twente had the ball the most, but nevertheless created few chances. As the duel lapped more towards the end, Twente went in search of the equalizer. The team of trainer Ron Jans got a number of excellent possibilities. They just weren‘t cashed to a goal. That’s why PEC managed to hold its head start and win the duel.
Because of the defeat, Twente now falls outside the places that give entitlement to the playoffs at the end of the season. The Tukkers still have five duels to ensure that they participate in the post-petition for a European ticket. The victory does not seem to worry about degradation anymore: the Zwollenaren are now ten points above the line.