Donald Trump lashes at Lady Gaga: ‘I can tell you so many stories about her’

Donald Trump did a great job at Lady Gaga during one of his last campaign meetings. Jon Bon Jovi and Jay-Z also had to pay for it. The stars openly support the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“ Well, now Sleepy Joe has the support of Lady Gaga,” Trump commences his story about Lady Gaga. “I can tell you so many stories about her, really believe me.

“ Jon Bon Jovi is just such a case,” the President continues. “Whenever we meet, he kisses the ground on which I walk and says, “Oh, Mr. President this, oh, Mr. President that.” Hes always trying to get something out of it for himself, just like all the other types.”

The fact that Beyoncé and Jay-Z openly support Biden is not an advantage according to Trump. “Isnt that what they did at Hillary Clinton in 2016? Well, weve all seen how that worked out. Jay-Z stood on stage and just shouted Fuck this and Fuck that, and then left again. The people who had come to see did not know how quickly to get away and so Hillary stood in front of an empty room.”