Donald Trump must release tax returns

American ex-President Donald Trump has to release his tax returns in a judicial investigation into his financial trade and walking. Judges rejected his objection.

Trump wanted to keep the numbers a secret. But the ruling of the Supreme Court in Washington gives a prosecutor in New York access to financial documents.

Trump had gone to the Supreme Court for the second time last year when he was still in the White House to prevent him from transferring his tax records to justice. The prosecutor, the Democrat Cyrus Vance, has been trying to gain insight into Trumps financial records and accounting records from the time he worked as a real estate magnate. Vance is investigating whether there was tax evasion, insurance fraud, and billing bills.

In a response to the decision, the former president had a fierce appeal to justice. The Supreme Court should never have allowed the prosecutions investigation to happen in the wilder, but the judges allowed it, complained Trump in a statement. โ€œI keep fighting, just like Ive done for the past five years.โ€

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