Donnie Ian will play in the fourth part of “John Wick”

Donnie Yen (Yip Man) joined the cast of the fourth part of John Wick with Keanu Riusom. Ian will play one of Johns old friends, who also works in as a wishman – there were many similar twists in their destiny, and besides they have common enemies. Apparently, in the film John will turn to him for help.

The director of the new film is Chad Stachelski, who has been engaged in the franchise since the first film. But for the script is not Derek Kolstad, but Michael Finch (Predators, The Drugman) .

Initially, the fourth and fifth films planned to shoot in a row, but these plans were prevented by a pandemic . The release of John Wick 4 in the Russian rental is scheduled for May 26, 2022.

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