Dont forget Ajax played Tuesday night and we were on Thursday night

Visibly grumpy Mario Gรถtze was in front of the camera after the 5-0 defeat of PSV against Ajax. Although Ajax is superior in every way, he refuses to give up the title battle.
After the defeat to AS Monaco in the Europa League, a new blow to PSV followed against Ajax on Sunday. โ€œThey have yet to play in the Champions League. It will also get tough for them because they have to play at a high level throughout the season. We have to hope, believe in it and work hard. It‘s not done until it’s done, and that‘s not until the end of the season,โ€ Gรถtze tells ESPN.
Gรถtze looks at PSV’
s rest period compared to Ajax, among other things. โ€œYou have to remember that Ajax played on Tuesday night and us on Thursday night, that‘s not ideal. It was better if it had been different. They might get another weak phase and they have to play in the Champions League as well. So it’s going to be tricky. You have to hope, believe and work. It‘s not over until it’s over.โ€