DOOM composer Mick Gordon obliged to use Soviet synthesizer in Atomic Heart

Musician Mick Gordon, best known for working on DOOM and DOOM Eternal, shared interesting news about the Atomic Heart soundtrack in a fresh interview. It turns out that he is contractually obliged to use a Soviet synthesizer when writing music, which Gordon himself considers an interesting creative task โ€” โ€œit‘s very cool. โ€ The composer calls the Moscow team Mundfish โ€œinventive developers.

โ€ It is noteworthy that Gordon was not the first to work with a Soviet synthesizer – he already recorded some music for DOOM on it. For this purpose, the model โ€œPolyvoxโ€ was used.

Interestingly, id Software initially did not allow Gordon to use the guitar when writing music for DOOM, and Rip & Tear was the very first full-fledged composition for the shooter – and her rejected. Because of this, the musician until the last postponed sending BFG Division – was afraid that he would reject it.

As a result, however, for the last level in Hell there was not enough music – then the developers after the composer’s advice decided to insert Rip & Tear there. As a result, in general, it was Rip & Tear and BFG Division that became the musical face of the relaunch of DOOM.

What else the composer said during the interview: he is working on an unannounced horror player wants to work on the music of the new Mortal Kombat. More on WoW Gambling: Burning Crusade Classic will match update 2.

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