Dortmund coach talks mouth past: Hummels caused injury Haaland

Borussia Dortmund coach Marco Rose declares that Erling Haaland has been injured by teammate Mats Hummels. However, the number three of the Bundesliga communicated that the Norwegian striker suffered an injury by itself.
Haaland is currently out of rotation with a thigh injury. The goalscorer is on the way back, but its not yet clear if hes fit in time for hitting FSV Mainz 05 this weekend. There is also a question mark behind the match against Ajax for Haaland. At a press conference, trainer Rose talks about the cause of the injury. โ€œErling got the knee of Mats Hummels in his thigh,โ€ BILD quotes the exercise master.
This is remarkable, because Dortmund announced that Haaland himself was injured. So it seems Rose was talking past his mouth during the weekly press moment.
Rose already made it clear that Haaland is doing everything he can to return soon. โ€œErling really wants, but we have to wait and see how it works out. Of course, our game changes when its not there.โ€