Dota 2 developers unveiled new heroine named Dawnbreaker

Developers from Valve introduced a new heroine for Dota 2 named Dawnbreaker. This is a melee carry with the following abilities: Starbreaker. Hero spins the hammer around him 3 times, dealing enemies increased damage from his attack.

With the last stroke, the hero hits the ground with a hammer, stun enemies in front of him and dealing them damage. Celestial Hammer.

The hero throws his hammer at the target, dealing damage to all enemies along the way. The hammer freezes in place for 2 seconds and then returns, leaving behind a slowing fire trail.

The hero can call to his hammer before to fly to meet him and meet in the middle. Luminosity.

After 3 attacks, the hero is filled with power, causing his next attack to deal critical damage and cures all allied heroes within a radius of 650 by 35% of damage. Treatment for an attack on a creep or neutral creature will be weaker.

Solar Guardian. The hero creates a pulsating effect within 350 radius of any allied hero.

Each ripple deals damage to enemies and heals allies. After a small delay, the hero flies to the specified area, dealing additional damage and stun enemies when landing.

When you start using this ability, it cannot be interrupted. Detailed characteristics of Dawnbreaker can be found at the link.

Also the authors released update 7. 29 for Dota 2.

significantly changed the landscape of the map; added water rune (instantly restores 100 health and 80 mana); added the ability to get +2 to all attributes when level up; added Hoodwink heroine to Captains Mode; now Outposts give their team experience every minute; now each hero starts the game with one teleportation scroll (instead of three) and gets one scroll at death; changed the Rune of Riches. Full list innovations and changes, including changes in the balance of heroes and objects, by reference.

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