“Double British murder was human sacrifice for lottery.”

The death of two sisters in a park in Wembley last year was a human sacrifice to win a lottery, prosecutors argue in a notorious case in the UK. According to the prosecutor‘s office, a handwritten contract with a demon was found in the defendants house promising a blood sacrifice for a winning ticket.

The 46-year-old Bibaa Henry celebrated her birthday in the park last June with friends and her 27-year-old sister Nicole Smallman. The two sisters stayed behind afterwards to take pictures with LED lights. Deep into the night, they were victims of a knife attack.

Their bodies were found the next morning by relatives in the bushes of the park. The eldest sister was stabbed eight times, the youngest 28 times.

The case caused a lot of turmoil because the family argued that the police had little interest in the disappearance of the two black women. In addition, two officers were reprimanded for taking selfies at the crime scene and sharing them.

Signed in blood

An 18-year-old boy was arrested a month after the murder. According to the police, he had bought a knife set that could have committed the murder. He was also seen on surveillance footage around the park, his DNA material was found there, and a day later he had reported to the hospital with cuts.

The defendant insists on being innocent, although in a search, the contract with the demon was found with his fingerprints on it, signed with his blood.

The document promised several human sacrifices if the demon could deliver winning tickets to the Mega Millions Super Jackpot and ensure that the murder would never be discovered. Some tickets were folded in the contract.

It seems that the demon has failed to respect the agreement, said the prosecutor at the start of the trial about the murders. Not only did the defendant not win the lottery, the police have been able to find all the evidence that links him to these murders.

The process is expected to take a month.