Double drama in Germany: elderly man dies in fire, firemen injured by emergency drive accident

A house fire near the German town of Jรผlich killed a elderly woman (83) on Monday night. Seven firefighters were injured (badly) in a truck collision on their way to the calamity. Two occupants of that had to go to the hospital as well.

The accident occurred at an intersection just a few miles from the fire. The fire truck passed at high speed but was hit in the flank by a beetloaded truck. The driver would not have given priority.

The blow caused the fire engine to get rid of the road where a passenger car was rammed. Finally, the fire truck came to a halt against the facade of a tanning studio.


The men – all members of the volunteer fire brigade – became clamped in their wagon. The driver and his co-driver are the worst at it. The truck driver was also seriously injured. Emergency services had to pull out massively: eight ambulances went on the spot.

The building that houses the tanning salon was severely damaged. Work has been done at the site until Tuesday morning, including an accident analysis.