Doubt at Van der Vaart: Dont know if I find all that appeal

Rafael van der Vaart does not know if he wants to work as a trainer in the future. The former midfielder has doubts as to whether he finds the trainer profession ‘attractive’.
In an extensive interview with De Cceit, Van der Vaart says he hasn‘t started a trainer course yet. โ€œI have to find out a little bit,โ€ he says. โ€œThis is a great time for that. But when I see how horrible a head coach comes to a head coach, I don’t know if I find all that appealing.โ€
Van der Vaart uses the situation of former teammate Mark van Bommel as an example. โ€œFired from PSV, done nothing for a while, gets to work at Wolfsburg, everything lost in preparation and that bad change in the cup. But he‘s at the top of the Bundesliga. Mighty beautiful, right? As a football player, I’ve always given everyone everything, after my career I have a lot more.โ€
One thing Van der Vaart knows for sure: he wants to stay active in the football industry. โ€œDo you know what I‘m so grateful for? That I got to be part of an insanely beautiful generation. Guys like Van Persie, Sneijder, Robben and I have been running balls from the age of four, we were all very early in training. We’ve been doing that almost 35 years. So what do we know about? Only one thing, right? Of football,โ€ he argues. โ€œSo why go out of football?โ€