Doubts about Ajax acquisition after leaving Promes: What did he show for the time being?

Wim Kieft understands that Ajax has gotten rid of Quincy Promes. The 58-year-old Amsterdammer argues that Promes‘s criminal case was bad advertising for Ajax. Yet Kieft is not sure of the qualities of Oussama Idrissi, who was achieved as a replacement.

โ€œThey wanted to get rid of him, I had the impressionโ€, Kieft responds at SBS to the departure of Promes. โ€œHe played well last year, especially with Ziyech. He’s made a lot of goals. Anyway, the case is over their heads,โ€ he refers to Promes‘s criminal case. The 29-year-old assailant is suspected of stabbing a relative. โ€œIt’s bad advertising for Ajax.โ€
Kieft has doubts about the arrival of Idrissi, who has to fill the gap that Promes leaves behind. โ€œYou can say: we got Idrissi, but I want to see that with him. For what did he show for now?โ€