Doubts about AZ-attacker Stengs: ‘Then he had already played at Ajax. ‘

According to Theo Janssen and Ibrahim Afellay, Calvin Steng lacks speed to play at a top club. That is also the reason that Ajax hasn‘t picked him up yet, says Afellay.
Also at Jong Oranje Stengs struggles to make his mark at times. โ€œSuch players have certain moments in a match, but at the ball he has to be much more constant. This is the time to make his mark on Jong Orange, to finally make the big step. Absolutely. He has to take Jong Orange by the hand. He has to bring some extras,โ€ says Afellay at the CCEit.
โ€œIt is a player who gives a pass and has a nice shot, but as soon as he starts walking, he runs for too long and slows down the game. He’
s got to play a lot faster. Then he‘s gonna be better than he is now. He’s a good football player, but he doesn‘t have the absolute speed to play at a top club on the side. And as number ten, I don’t think he‘s good enough. He gets stuck very often,โ€ says Janssen.
โ€œI look more at the Spanish competition, where there is more football and less duels. It’
s the same at Berghuis. He is doing great in the Netherlands, but abroad it is disappointing. That‘s a player who needs to have it from his actions. Many of his weapons then fall away.โ€
โ€œIf you’
re 23 years old and still playing at AZ, that says enough. If he had really been a top talent, he would have played at Ajax,โ€ says Afellay.