Doutzen, testing a child on corona is not pathetic!

Hester Zitvast writes about what she stands out in the news and in the media. This time (again) about Doutzen Kroes who shares her opinion on the large-scale testing of corona in the municipality of Lansingerland. Propaganda she calls the fact that children from the age of 2 are also tested. Deeply sad, stay away from our children, she tells her 6.5 million followers. Do you think this woman has any idea what shes talking about? Is it an idea that she would once walk into a family where corona disrupts life? Children sick, father in the ICU, for example?

British variant

The municipality of Langsingerland has called on all its inhabitants to be tested for corona. The threat of the British variant of the virus is holding the congregation; the mutation has already been detected in dozens of people in the region. Since one of the fireplaces is an elementary school and there is an opening of the schools before 25 January, it is important to carry out research as soon as possible. After all, no one is waiting for the United Kingdoms situation.

Call Honk

Though Doutzen wants to take the risk. She thinks its large-scale testing, but propaganda. โ€œKeep away from our children, โ€œshe shouts on Instagram. It is indeed very intense that a cotton swab is put in your childs nose. Insurmountable violent. Traumatizing for the rest of their lives. Imagine saying you dare ask parents such a thing just to control a pandemic. What a sacrifice…

I would

have liked Doutzen to be spit-like and a man. And not so popular. Then I could find out aloud what I think of her coverage: I think its incredibly stupid. But if I say that now โ€” or tap โ€” then her millions of dollars thinks she has to face up for her. Very touching, but also disturbing. Because the fact that these people, young people often still, apparently attach importance to her opinion. So they find it deeply sad that experts roll out this path into a solution for corona.

Hateful messages

And her appearance is also counteracting, because going against the opinion of a top model is almost always written off on jealousy. My mailboxes will be flooded with hateful messages about my envy. But, folks, its gonna be really a sausage what she looks like. Its about what she shares, who she shares it with, what she influencet: harmful content. She shares abdominal feelings, based on softness.

Not pathetic

testing a child on corona is not pathetic. Fun is different, sure, but the same goes for vaccination. The end justifies the means in this case. No child will benefit from having a mother all but before she smoothes and catches. Fuck with your sickly snowflake approach. Its no different, today lets test ourselves so we can all do fun things as soon as possible. Its that simple: a communication and then on.


cant say youre talking about propaganda. In what way propaganda? Does she even know what the word means? That whole pandemic is just bitter seriousness. On Twitter yesterday, I saw a mother responding to a message about Doutzen, who is in the midst of the misery that corona can cause, even among young children โ€” no matter how exceptional. Doutzen: I hope so that she reads her fear and her worries. That is bitter seriousness. And thats pathetic.

Shut your mouth!

Everyone has the right to express an opinion, I do not do otherwise myself. But Doutzen: HOU.JUSY.MOUT.IN.This. You have too many followers. Your influence is too great. You have too little (barely read) knowledge of things and you are gradually beginning to become a danger with your statements.