Dow and S&P500 peaks with coronarally

New York stock markets were still significantly higher on Monday midway through the day. With that, last weeks rally was continued.

The investor vote on Wall Street is supported by positive news about the new coronavaccin from Pharmaceutical Pfizer. The victory of the Democrat Joe Biden in the US presidential elections was also good. He officially claimed his winnings on the incumbent President Donald Trump on Saturday. Trump insists, however, that he is

the winner The Dow-Jonesindex recorded 4.7 percent higher at 29,654 points around 19.40 (Dutch time). The broadly composite S&P 500 went up 3.2 percent to 3619 points and tech fair Nasdaq thickness 0.6 percent to 11,970 points.

According to preliminary research results, a coronavaccin from Pfizer is 90 percent effective in preventing infection. The company tested the vaccine, which was developed in collaboration with the German biotechnologist BionTech, on subjects and says that there were no significant safety problems. The Pfizer share made a price jump of more than 11 percent. Moderna, which develops a vaccine based on the same technique as Pfizer, was put 8.9 percent higher.

Companies that are sensitive to the developments surrounding the coronavirus seem to be taking great advantage of the news. It concerns, for example, the aviation sector with airlines such as Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, as well as aircraft manufacturer Boeing, which rose to 17%. The same applies to travel companies like and Expedia (plus 16.6 and 24.4 percent) and hotel chains like Marriott International and Hilton Worldwide (plus 13.5 and 13.7 percent).

The races of the cinema chains AMC Entertainment and Cinemark are rising to more than 60 percent. The organizer of events and concerts Live Nation received almost 22 percent.

McDonalds came up with final figures and was dropped by 0.7 percent. The fast food chain also announced the development of its own vegetarian burgers. The listed maker of meat substitutes Beyond Meat fell sharply after that news, but shot up again when it announced that it had collaborated with McDonalds on the McPlant citizens. Beyond was more than 7 percent higher.

The euro was worth $1.1811, compared with $1.1815 at the lock in Europe. A barrel of American oil became 9.1 percent more expensive at $40,50. Brent oil climbed 8 percent in price to 42.60 dollars a barrel.