Dow runs well on vaccine heap; Tesla rushes to record

The American stock exchanges showed a positive picture at the start of the new stock exchange week. Especially the Dow had the wind in the back after the vaccine news.

The Dow-Jones index ended 1.1 percent higher at 29,593 points. The broadly composed S&P 500 received 0.6 percent to 3577 points and tech fair Nasdaq was raised by 0.2 percent, at 11,880 points.

Pharmaceuticals Pfizer and Moderna indicated that they were able to start a vaccination program quickly. Their vaccines are about to be admitted. The British-Swedish AstraZeneca also came up with encouraging reports about a coronavaccin.

Meanwhile, the number of coronavirus infections continues to increase significantly in the United States. On Sunday alone, 84,000 hospitalizations were added in the US. The question is whether Americans can celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family later this week, partly because of the travel restrictions that apply.

Pfizer fell 0.5 percent and Moderna rose 3.5 percent. The shares of companies in sectors where the coronacrisis has struck unmercifully hard are also on the rise. Airlines such as Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines were up to 8.2 percent, while hotel chains like Hilton and Marriott both went up 3.2 percent.

Energy companies also benefit, as has already happened in Europe with companies such as Shell, Total and BP. ExxonMobil and Chevron were raised to 6.6. The shares of oil and gas producers are also being helped forward by rising oil prices. American oil became 1.1 percent more expensive at $42.87 a barrel. Brent oil rose 1.9 percent in price and swaps ownership for 45.81 dollars a barrel. During the day, Brent oil reached the highest level since it fell hard in March.

Pharmaceutical Merck (minus 0.2 percent) is also in the interest. The company announced that it would pay $425 million for the acquisition of biotech company Oncolmmune, which would allow Merck to enter the coronarace.

Pharmaceutical Schrรถdinger also made a jump of 11.6 percent. The company announced an agreement with industry partner Bristol-Myers-Squibb that could generate up to $2.7 billion in milestone payments.

Furthermore, figures from the UK market survey Markit indicated that activity in both US and service industries is boosting. On the contrary, economists expected growth to flatten by the still growing corona outbreak in large parts of the US.

Tesla to record

Tesla showed a new peak of $521.85 with a plus of 6.6%. The electric car manufacturer received fan mail from investment company Wedbush which increased the price target of its base scenario from $500 to $560 due to an expected acceleration in demand for, among other things, cars from the market leader. It also highlights the recent accession in the S&P500 and the optimism about the sustainable path of profit.

Apple turned in 3%. The smartphone manufacturer is less popular with investors due to the hopeful vaccine news.

The euro was worth $1.1844, compared with $1.1825 at the closing bell in Europe.