Downing Street confirms Prime Minister Johnson is married

Downing Street has confirmed that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is married. The British Prime Minister lived together in the famous office house at number 10 with his fiancé Carrie Symonds, and British media reported on Saturday that they were secretly married. The couple was the first couple to live there unmarried since December 2019. It is also the first time in 199 years that a British Prime Minister has married during his term of office.

The 56-year-old Johnson (56) married 23 years younger Symonds in a church ceremony led by priest Daniel Humphries, who also baptized the one-year-old son Wilfred of the couple last year.

Apart from a handful of church officials, the modest ceremony was attended by some thirty guests from the family and friends of the couple. They only got to know where to go at the last minute. This turned out to be the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Westminster, the country‘s largest Roman Catholic church in central London. The bride was dressed in a long white dress, but did not wear a veil.


The couple is going to have a wedding party in the summer. It’s unclear, but the Prime Minister‘s Chequers residence, northwest of London, has a good chance according to the media. Johnson and Symonds managed to keep the wedding a good secret, and only recently English media reported extensively that they were getting married in July 2022, because they would have sent messages about it to friends and family.

For Johnson, it’s his third marriage. He was previously married to Allegra Mostyn-Owen and Marina Wheeler. With the last one, he had four children. Johnson also has an extramarital daughter. British media are wondering how a divorced man can marry twice in a Roman Catholic church. According to an author and journalist consulted by them, Catherine Pepinster, Johnson‘s previous marriages had no Roman Catholic character at all and is now Johnson’s first real marriage. Symonds is Roman Catholic and Johnson was baptized Roman Catholic as a child.