Dozens of arrests in Pakistan to Destroy Hindu Temple

In Pakistan, fifty people were arrested for destroying a Hindu temple. Police are looking for a hundred more suspects, writes news agency AP based on local authorities.

The attack took place in the eastern city of Bhong on Wednesday, after a judge released an 8-year-old Hindu boy who allegedly desecrated an Islamic school on bail. The little boy in a school library, where there are many religious books, peed on a carpet. Blasphemy can lead to the death penalty in Pakistan.

Prime Minister condemns attack

After the boys release, the furious crowd pulled to the temple and destroyed statues there, among other things. The front door was also set on fire.

Prime Minister Khan condemned the attack via Twitter. He promised to restore the temple and take action against the police because of possible negligence, giving the crowd more time to damage the building.

Hindus, who are a minority in Pakistan, live largely peacefully with the Muslim majority in the country. However, the number of attacks on Hindu temples is increasing. At the end of last year, a crowd burned another temple in northwest Pakistan. That led to protests from the Hindu community.

Most Hindus in Pakistan migrated to India in 1947, when British Indies was divided into India and later Pakistan.