Dozens of Belarusian demonstrators arrested again

In the Belarusian capital Minsk, confrontations between demonstrators and the police have once again taken place. Activists blocked a road to stop police cars. They demonstrated against the arrest of the Belarusian opposition leader Maria Kolesnikova.

According to eyewitnesses the police arrested dozens of people. Last Sunday several hundred demonstrators were arrested during massive demonstrations against President Lukashenko in all major cities of the country.

It’s been restless in Belarus for weeks. President Lukashenko, 26 years in power, again won the presidential elections on 9 August, according to the official results. But the opposition, as well as the EU and the US, are convinced that he won only through blatant fraud.

Passport torn apart

Opposition leader Kolesnikova was forced by the regime to leave Belarus, according to two other opposition members who were with her and were also expelled from the country. Unlike the two, Kolesnikova refused to leave. She tore up her passport to prevent deportation and was subsequently arrested by the Belarusian border police.