Dozens of boat migrants in trouble at Crete

Greek emergency services have started a search for a group of migrants who have been shipwrecked off the coast of Crete. The sailboat with dozens of migrants on board took more than 100 kilometres from the coast of the island.

According to the Greek authorities, 36 people have been saved so far. Some were taken off the ship, while others had to be rescued from the sea. Five migrants have been taken to the nearby island of Karpathos, others were taken aboard a cargo ship. On board the sunken ship, according to the rescued migrants, at least 45 people sailed.

A helicopter and two coastguard ships were used in the search for the drowners. Four merchant ships also help. The rescue operation is complicated by the strong winds.

Many migrants try to enter the European Union through Greece. Since the corona pandemic, the number of migrants who are crossing has decline sharply. Strict border police regulations have also reduced the number of people.