Dozens of complaints about aperte lies basic doctor on Museumplein

The supreme boss of the Health and Youth Inspectorate responds angered to the lies that a homeopathic doctor made yesterday at the Museumplein during a demonstration against the coronameasures. โ€œI think it‘s a slap in the face of all those professionals who are currently fighting the pandemic day and night,โ€ says Inspector General Marina Eckenhausen.

A doctor must adhere to the guidelines and rules of his profession, she says. โ€œThere he can have the discussion, but he must not contribute to the spread of lies.โ€

On Sunday and Monday, dozens of complaints were filed with the Inspectorate about the lying statements of the doctor in front of the camera of NH News, which were also shown in the CCEIT Journal. The inspection examines the judgments of the man who is a basic doctor who is in Maasbree practice.

Registered as a doctor

He is registered in the BIG register, which includes all people who are allowed to carry out reserved medical activities. Anyone with BIG registration is under the supervision of the Health Care and Youth Inspectorate (IGJ) and under medical disciplinary law.

The IGJ will initially try to have a conversation with the man. According to a spokesman for the IGJ, this happens to check whether he is still behind his statements or whether he might have done that Sunday in the emotion of the moment.

Depending on the outcome of the investigation, the IGJ can give the man a warning that he should abstain from this kind of lies in the future. โ€œIf he continues to spread lies and disinformation,โ€ says Eckenhausen, โ€œthe Inspectorate can file a complaint with the Medical Disciplinary College.โ€ Then follows a legal procedure.


During the evacuation Sunday of Museumplein, the man was interviewed by NH Nieuws. Asking that he is a doctor, he ventilated some nonsense. Among other things, he said, โ€œthey’re here in this country killing people with vaccines.โ€ The man is not afraid of corona, but he is โ€œvery afraidโ€ of the vaccine and the coronameasures.

In response to a question, what about all those covid-19 patients in nursing departments and ICs in the hospitals, he said, โ€œOh, man, don‘t let anything fool you, there’s no one in the ICU. The doctors fake everything. For each patient, they get 20,000 euros.โ€

As I said, it led to a lot of fuss. Yesterday, more than a thousand social media messages came in at the Inspectorate about the case. An IC-nurse from the Jeroen Bosch Hospital in Den Bosch responded with humor:

But the Inspectorate also received dozens of formal reports from people who are angry about his demonstrable untruths.

At least for the Inspectorate, it was more than enough to start an investigation. Eckenhausen: โ€œWe see more lies and disinformation passing by at this time, but if they come from a doctor or someone who says he is a doctor, we take it very hard.โ€