Dozens of coronadodes flush on banks of Ganges

It‘s a macabre statue. Dozens of bodies lie in front of the banks of the river Ganges in northern India. Presumably they are victims of the coronavirus that hungry animals feed on.

The locals think the bodies were dumped in the river because cremation sites are overloaded or because family members could not pay wood for the stake. Some of the bodies were partially burned.

A resident speaks of a shocking experience. The authorities are still going to bury or cremate the remains. They counted about forty bodies, but news media talk about a hundred or so coronadodes washed up — or more.

Horrible images, writes India Today. A local politician describes: They float on the surface and have been in the water for at least seven days. The scenes are now going around the world.

According to TV channels, the dogs are now eating off the bodies.

This can worsen the spread of the virus. A very sad course of events, says an Indian presenter on television.

Construction project

Local authorities of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar Länder began to accuse each other. The bodies washed up in the latter area, but would come from the former state. Meanwhile, there is panic among residents. They’re afraid the bodies could infect the still living people with corona.


is also appalled that the country is now continuing with major construction projects while the corona situation continues to worsen.


The discovery of the bodies is a new example of the disastrous corona situation in India. According to official figures, about 4000 people die from the coronavirus daily, and the total death toll is almost 250,000. However, many experts believe that the mortality rate is much higher.

Coronavirus spreads rapidly across the rest of the country from major cities in India. Particularly in rural areas there are hardly any hospitals.