Dozens of deaths from double suicide bombing Baghdad

Two suicide attacks on a market in the centre of the Iraqi capital Baghdad killed at least 32 people on Monday. At least 110 people were injured, the Ministry of Health reported.

The attacks are the hardest in Baghdad in three years. In January 2018, more than 30 were killed in a suicide attack on the same square.

The first assayer claimed to be sick on the market and blew himself up when people came at him. People who gathered around the victims were then hit by the second explosion, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The attacks have not yet been claimed, but suicide attacks have been committed in the past by jihadists from among others the Islamic State.

President Barham Saleh and the UN mission in the country that goes to the polls later this year have condemned the attack. Pope Francis said in a reaction that the โ€œsenseless act of crueltyโ€ makes him deeply saddened. Francis has planned a trip to Baghdad and other places in Iraq for March.