Dozens of deaths in Syria bombing and shelling


least 25 people were killed in Syria. 14 people were killed by the detonation of two bombs in Damascus. A bus carrying military was blown up in the morning rush hour in the capital. The bombs exploded when the bus was running under a bridge at a large bus station. Roadside bombs were initially assumed, but it was later found that the bombs were attached to the bus, military sources report.

A third bomb could be defused in a timely manner. Responsibility for the attack has not yet been claimed. Police speak to state television of โ€œa cowardly actโ€. It was busy at the bus station with people going to work and school.

Its the deadliest attack in years. Such attacks are few and far from Damascus, since the government army recapture the suburbs held by opponents in 2018.

Army Attack

An attack on the city of Ariha in northwestern Syria killed eleven people not much later. The city was shot by the army. Ariha is in the oppositions hands. According to eyewitnesses and medical staff, there are schoolchildren among the victims. At least 30 people were injured.

President Assads troops control most of the country, thanks in part to military support from allies Russia and Iran. The Northwest is the only part left in the hands of the opponents.

The civil war in Syria began in March 2011 and killed more than 350,000 people. Half of the 21 million inhabitants the country counted in 2011 have fled their hometown, 5 million people now live as refugees abroad.

Here are images of the burnt out bus: