Dozens of deaths in violence explosion in Ecuador prison

An explosion of violence in the infamous Litoral prison in Ecuador has killed at least 68 prisoners.

Two months ago, 118 were killed in a gang war in the same prison. Gang members then crawled through homemade corridors to attack members of a rival gang in another wing.

Even now, drug gangs who compete with each other for power in prison would have succeeded.

Prison residents in the coastal city of Guayaquil heard hours of gunshot changes and explosions. Heavily armed units of the military police have entered prison and seized weapons and explosives.

Images that would have been shot in prison are circulating on social media. It shows that there are corpses lying on the ground, some completely burned.

President Guillermo Lassa declared a state of emergency last month to end drug crime and street violence in Ecuador. As a result, army and police have broad powers to ensure safety on the streets.


are 8500 detainees in the Litoral prison.