Dozens of houses on La Palma swallowed up by lava every day

Dozens of houses are still destroyed daily on the Canary island of La Palma by lava from the erupted Cumbre Vieja volcano. Over the past two days, 135 more houses have been destroyed and more than 86 hectares of land have been affected, reports the European observation service Copernicus. A total of nearly 1,500 houses have now been swallowed up by the lava.

Yesterday, more than 700 inhabitants of the island were told to leave their homes. A total of 6700 out of 83,000 islanders have been evacuated.

It‘s uncertain if their home is still there when they return:

New lava flows emerged on Saturday as part of the volcano had collapsed. One of those streams moves more towards the north of La Palma.

That can be seen on this map of Copernicus, the green-colored part is the latest stream of lava:

Spanish Prime Minister Sรกnchez is once again visiting La Palma today. That’s the fourth time since the volcano erupted. According to Spanish media, he wants to see how the lava spreads and wants to give a heart to residents of the island.